What Is an Online Invitation & a Digital Invitation

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What Is an Online Invitation ?

Online invitation is actually a online invitation that can be made by several ways:

File - Invitation as a online images.

Software – Invitation as an app or website.

Photo -It quite like the traditional printed invitations sent by mail.

There is a picture background and on top of the photo the invitation writes.

I think a bit dated invitee receives an invitation that static i.e. no action option invitee (eg RSVP)

Online invitation as an application - an invitation sent as a download link from the App Store or Google Play and that is why I do not like these types of invitations.

The invites need to download the invitation this takes time of download and installation, as well as people generally do not have eighth free storage in their phone there for do not like to download.

If you need to download an invitation for each event so the storage in their cell phone run out after a week.

 Another important thing it's not viewable on demand from the computer i.e. if you have sent your invitation to a person email, he can't open it from his computer.


And so we are left with the perfect solution.

Online invitation as a website is actually a mini website that contains only the invitation.

You can send the invitation link in every way you like:  SMS, Mail, and WhatsApp, Facebook ...

Your invites can view it at any time and from anywhere.


Online Invitation have a great advantages as aWeb site:

You can add features that fit your specific event & invitation.

For example, you can add a seating arrangements feature for the wedding but it's not fit for a birthday.

It is possible to design a online invitation freely by selecting a background image, animations and even background song and much more cool features.


You probably think that it is complicated and takes a long time ... so this it's not!

To build an online invitation takes 3-8 minutes even if you've never built an online invitation.

 You can't believe try for yourself: http://bdare.com

And most important to have a successful event & big congrats!


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